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What is Mailosaur?

Mailosaur is cloud-based software service that allows you to capture and test email throughout the whole development lifecycle of a product.

Our aim is to make software testing and end-to-end automation as simple as possible.


Mailosaur is an email testing and demonstration service

You cannot use Mailosaur for sending email; for this, you may wish to research services such as AWS SES.

Who is Mailosaur for?

QA Professionals

Simply create an account, then send an email to your Virtual SMTP Server. You get an unlimited number of email addresses to test with, but can also update your product’s email configuration so that everything it sends is captured by Mailosaur; particularly useful for protecting staging environments.

Within seconds your email is ready to view and analyze within our email viewer.

QA Automation & Developers

For those who write code, it’s super easy to automate the testing and analysis of the email your product sends. Send to Mailosaur as normal, then use our email testing API to fetch and perform assertions on your email. Perfect for automating end-to-end testing.

Mailosaur integrates with any framework (e.g. Nightwatch.js, RobotFramework, etc.) and we have client libraries (SDKs) for all major languages.

What’s more, we’re coders too - if you get stuck, just contact us for help.

Product Owners

Want to present your product to customers? Simply create a server for presentations, then use this to illustrate how and when messages & notifications are sent by your application.

No more messing about with fake GMail accounts and credentials. Talk to us about white-labeling options.

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